The idea and the story of Sezmar Collection starts when we decide to create, develop and make new vision, new concept and philosophy,  to consider as essential the alliance between the precious knowledge of the past and the undeniable conquests of the future, between traditional natural cosmetics and modern cosmetology. 

Our aim is to create safe and effective natural cosmetic products, created with respect for nature and for people. That’s because we decided to combine numerous cosmetics brands into one integrated concept to satisfy all tastes and needs.

Today some of our well known marks are Sezmar Collection LOVE, Sezmar Collection Professional, SM Collection Crystal, Dr. Derehsan cosmetics, Stani Chef’s body food cosmetics,  Sezmar Collection Pure.

Fruits of a successful combination of natural herbs, butters and essential oils and with around 200 different products, we have earned trust in our products, infinite possibilities of choice to satisfy all tastes and keep within your budget.

Who we are?

We are European company, producer of natural cosmetics and created from a young, energetic and hard working team.

Where are we are based?

Our production base is in the heart of a Rila mountain, 80km from Sofia city (the Bulgarian capital).